Our beers are forged out of a zeal for flavour, simplicity and character. Fruity, hoppy, easy-to-drink pale ales and IPAs are brewed using local spring water and US hops on our Cornish farm.

We’re not afraid to experiment with exciting styles, like our Belgian farmhouse-style Black Saison which is brewed like an English stout. Our special edition Dead Elvis banana, bacon, peanut butter and wheat beer gained a cult-like following with beer fans begging for its return.

Firebrand craft beers are sold in city bars and country pubs up and down the country in kegs, casks, bottles and cans. We started delivering directly to London in January 2014 and watched our following grow, with ShortList Magazine naming Firebrand Brewing Co and our flagship Graffiti IPA one of 21 British craft beers you must try before you die. Ask for Firebrand craft beer in your local pub or bottle shop and they’ll contact us for an order.

In Cornwall and Devon, you can find our beers at the Beer Cellar in Truro and Exeter, Firebrand Bar & Restaurant in Launceston and on tap in the best pubs. Check Twitter for recent locations and reviews.

Our bottled versions are all suitable for vegans.

The Core Range

Graffiti IPA – 5% or 5.5% bottles and cans

Available in cask, keg, bottle and can, our flagship beer has been doused with praise by everyone from FHM to the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) which named Graffiti IPA its Strong Bitters Regional Gold Award winner.

Taking its smooth, malty body from the finest English malt, Graffiti is hopped profusely with Cascade and Centennial hops. It’s then dry hopped with bags of Centennial and Motueka to give it a fruity flavour with an
instant quaffability. As perfect with a beach barbecue as it is in a city bar after a hard day at work.


Cross Pacific Pale Ale – 4%

Also available in cask, keg and bottle, Cross Pacific Pale Ale took the ‘Gold Bitters, Pale & Golden Ales’ and ‘Supreme Champion Silver’ titles in the coveted SIBA craft beer in keg competition 2014. Brewed with a great Maris Otter malt backbone, this pale ale delivers a hop-forward burst of flavour thanks to bags of Centennial, Cascade and Motueka.


Big Hop Little Beer – 3.6%

This great session ale is bursting with flavour despite its low ABV. Available in cask only, a golden malt body provides the base, while Columbus, Nugget and Amarillo hops combine to produce a fruit-filled aroma and flavour with a refreshing finish.


Breakout IPA 6.5%

Available in Cask, Keg and Bottle. This hefty IPA won silver at the 2015 Southern England keg competition. Brewed in the style of US IPA’s, with plenty of crystal malt giving some sweet notes, tempered by a large hop bill of Citra and Nugget.


Double IPA 7.5%

Our Double IPA is a true explosion of hop flavour, deftly balanced with a big malt body and a lovely dry finish leaving you wanting more. Simcoe, Centennial, Amarillo, and Cascade hops are all packed into this beer giving it real punch. Available in Cask, Keg and Bottle.


Cornish Lager – 4.2%

Our very own lager on draught, it’s smooth Cornish lager brewed with our soft Cornish spring water which is perfect for making lager. Delicately Hopped with Perle.  Available in Keg only.

We also brew seasonal special editions and love experimenting with new hops and ingredients. Check the blog for the latest brews.

To brew our beer, blends of malted barley and wheat are mixed with with Cornish Spring water at 65-66°C in the mash tun. This sits for 90 minutes while enzymes in the malt convert the starches into sugars. The liquid is run off, and the grains rinsed in a process known as sparging. The resulting sugar-rich liquid wort is boiled for 60 minutes with hops added to impart bitterness, flavour and aroma before being cooled rapidly with a heat exchanger and pumped into a fermentation vessel where yeast is added. Primary fermentation takes a week including chilling and the beer is then ready to be put into casks, bottles or kegs. Sometimes the beer is aged in wine barrels to add extra depth of flavour.

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