New Year, New Firebrand?

Posted by Tom Rooke on

Bit late to a post about a new us but who cares anyway eh? Better late than never as they say! 

Things have been crazy here what with releasing our Yakima Valley Extra Pale Ale, New online shop and of course arranging and attending our #Tryanuary Tap Takeover events meaning we hadn't had a chance to tell you all about our first major change of 2019. 

I've previously raved about our successes in 2018 and future plans of more exciting and progressive beers, events and most importantly independent organic growth. These plans have continuously brought up a favorite topic among online beer forums, chat's with our customers and internal team meetings....UNFINED CASK BEER!!!

Now for those that aren't sure about what that means it's pretty simple, Finings are added to beer near completion to help improve clarity and in some cases potentially remove "Haze". Sounds great right? Well no, not really fined beer in some ways takes away the natural flavors of the beer and in most cases in a blind same product taste test would lose to an Unfined version. So not only does it affect flavor it also affects customer base as fined beer is NOT suitable for Veggies or Vegans due to finings containing Isinglass (Fish Guts). 

Just to confirm ALL of our Keg and Can products have always been Unfined and Suitable for Veggies & Vegans. 

Like stated above this isn't something we've thought lightly about and just randomly decided to do for trend, this is something that has been discussed over and over with numerous brewers currently doing it and of course seeking the council of our amazing customers. Like many of you know a huge part of the Firebrand ethos is to produce beer we love drinking, and we love natural beer produced to the best it can be. 

This means from the 4th of February all Cask beer produced at Firebrand will be Unfined thus meaning our current pump clips will be given a little tidy up and clearly displaying " Unfined Naturally Hazy Beers" 

Cask is a huge part of our business and something that we want to keep growing so please if you have any questions feel free to drop me an email on -

If you're in the South West then feel free to pop along to our Tap Takeover at Bread & Roses in Plymouth and ask me any questions!


Tom Xo