Thank F**k it's February!

Posted by Tom Rooke on

Yet again another late blog post....

So Tryanuary, Dry-January and Veganuary are all officially over. Yayy for 1 and Nayy for two ( We actually enjoyed Tryanaury and Veganuary )! So our January was filled with a couple of super fun and extremely drunken Tap Takeover Events, a huge decision to take our Cask beer completely Unfined, The launch of this awesome blog and our Webshop and of course a more extensive plan to run direct into the South East , Bristol , Birmingham and our beloved capital London. 

February has already been "Fun" with some huge decisions made...The First of those being the decision de-list ourselves with JDW ( Spooooons ) due to feeling our beer was under valued and them clearly not willing to negotiate a fairer deal. THIS IS BY NO WAY ANY FAULT OF THE PUBS. Sorry for the caps but the pubs have always been awesome too us and really keen on our beer and made sure it was served correct! 

Another BIG decision has come with supermarket stench around it. We was openly chatting to a supermarket ( Soz I cant say which one! ) about a listing of two of our beers things moved quick and we was looking at a April / May launch then they decided they wanted a "more viable price as another brewery is a lot cheaper than you" which meant we would have had to compromise the recipe of our beers which wasn't willing to do and never will do, We ended up parting ways amicably....Basically we told them if you want our beers then you have to FUCKING pay...Meaning we have no current plans for our beers to hit the Supermarket shelves!!

This doesn't mean we think supermarket listings are bad it just wasn't viable for us! 

Last but not least we have also de-listed ourselves with a "Local" wholesaler due to the fact they are willing to support another Cornish brewery who is openly banging out Cask Beer at £50...many of you will know who they are and many of you won't either way this is such a shitty thing to do as it drives the value of cask beer right down which is polar opposite of what we want. We want landlords to respect pricing and be willing spend good money on good products... Either way the wholesaler and the brewery are WANKERS!!

On a brighter note our West Coast IPA cans our tasting better than ever and we're releasing two new beers this month. 

"Space IPA" is beer brewed for the Simply Hops Challenge. A big 6% Commet & Apollo DDH Hazy IPA (Keep an eye out for official release date but should be around W/C 18th of Feb)

We will also be releasing "Yellow Sub7" a fruity 4.2% super sweet, smooth Pale Ale (Keep an eye out for official release date but should be around W/C 25th of Feb)

Remember all our Cans can be brought via the Webshop and all trade can be brought through EeBria or direct if your in our delivery zone!

Happy Friday, 

Tom Xo