Black Phoenix Aussie Collaboration

Our Limited Batch Brew Collection was launched during the first lockdown in order to keep things interesting for us and our customers. We’ve been blown away by the reaction and really enjoyed collaborating with other breweries, using new ingredients and trying different brewing methods.

The latest edition of our Limited Batch Brew Collection was super exciting because it is the first time we’ve collaborated with someone outside of the UK. Black Phoenix Black IPA, brewed with our friends Black Hops Brewery from the Gold Coast of Australia, is the first black IPA we’ve released for a few years and what a beer we came up with!
The great thing about this beer is that it combines the best of British hops with some incredible Australian hops for a truly collaborative beer. Hopped like a New England IPA while using both dark and pale malt, we’ve produced a beer with a balanced roasted malt profile alongside sweet chocolate fruity flavours.
Check this beer out for yourself by grabbing a few cans from our website or if you’re based down under, swing by a Black Hops Brewery taproom.

Keep an eye out for the next Limited Batch Brew release, we have some big things coming!

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