Limited Batch Brew Collection

At Firebrand we brew progressive, modern beers that we like to drink. But what is a progressive, modern beer? To us that means always striving to brew the best beer possible and improving on what we’ve done in the past, while staying up to date on the latest trends and styles. Our Limited Batch Brew Collection is designed to brew “one brew only” beers, while working with different flavours and styles in order to push the boundaries of our beer range.

Hop Symphony DDH Double IPA 7.5%

Brewed with an ensemble of hops, Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra, Vic Secret, Equanot Apollo and Amarillo Centennial, this one is an absolute belter. This one was really popular and sold out very quickly, but keep your eyes peeled for more hazy, hoppy, juice bombs from our upcoming releases. 

Coffee Stout 6% 

Brewed to be similar to cold brew coffee, this beer came from our trip to BrewLDN where we hooked up our small hop rocket to Black Stuff. People at the event loved the super fresh coffee flavours that were coming from it, so once we got back we brewed a slightly stronger stout and ran it through our large hop rocket which was filled with our own blend of coffee beans. 

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