Shorebreak, Shorebreak, Shorebreak.

So today marks 3 months since we launched our first alcohol free beer, and the response has been incredible. We knew we liked it, but to have come from nowhere to being our best selling canned beer is amazing.

As with a lot of beer drinkers, I’ve bought non-alcoholic beers relatively often, normally tying in with the latest nagging feeling that I should be healthier / drink less / exercise more etc, etc. However (as I’m sure is common with lots of people) I found the alcohol free beers that were out there just aren’t that great, and a lot of the better tasting ones are ram-packed with lactose, which I’m not against
per se, it’s just a bit weird in a ‘normal’ beer and given a choice, would rather avoid it day to day.

Anyway, with these thoughts in mind in winter 2021 we launched into the development of our alcohol free hazy pale ale, what would become Shorebreak Hazy Pale. To make a beer like this does involve breaking all the normal rules of brewing, you don’t want the sugar to ferment, the hopping rates bare no relation to the alcohol or malt content, and what became the biggest challenge is that
we didn’t want the beer to taste of unfermented malt, while simultaneously not fermenting the malt… Cue several months of experimentation with yeast strains, fermentation temperature, mashing temperature, hop selection and more to fine tune the beer to get exactly what we wanted.

Finally ready to launch in May, neatly 2 months after peak alcohol free drinking season which is about right for us regarding timing in general. Luckily we’ve found it’s an absolute beaut for beach BBQs, especially since we’re not lucky enough to live a walking distance from the beach.

If you haven't tried it yet, give it a go and let me know what you think in the comments below. 

A little write it up about Shorebreak if you'd like anymore info on taste - 

Shorebreak Hazy Pale, the first truly Cornish alcohol-free craft beer.

Brewed to be the go-to drink for ANY occasion, not just the designated driver. Shorebreak provides everything youʼre looking for in a craft beer, alongside a refreshing break from alcohol. Fruity and sweet with a well-balanced bitterness, itʼs been dry hopped with Simcoe, Citra and Cascade for mango and lemongrass flavours. Using innovative brewing techniques, weʼve created an alcohol-free beer with body and balance without using lactose. Shorebreak is suitable for everyone, including Vegans.

Shorebreak was created after trying many different alcohol-free craft beers which all felt like they were missing something. Our interest in alcohol-free craft beer began while trying to live a healthier lifestyle and cut down on alcohol intake. We went through many different styles and flavours of alcohol-free beer but found them watery, thin, and missing flavour or full of lactose to give depth and body.

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  • Tried Shorebreak non alcohol hazy pale for the first time at my locals closing down event – it was really lovely. Where can I buy this drink ?

    Surbdeep Rai

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