So, What is a Cold IPA?

Think about the crisp and refreshing nature of a lager combined with the fruity flavours of an IPA. Sounds good, right? This is the first time we’ve brewed a Cold IPA and the timing couldn’t have worked any better. The perfect beer for spending time in the sun.

Palindrome Cold IPA

Brewed with pale malt and fermented with lager yeast, we hopped this beer with Mosaic and Mandarina on the second day of its 18-degree fermentation, providing it plenty of time to develop its lager-like crispness and aromatic, orange flavour. Super clean with a bright amber colour, this one goes down way too easy.

The name Palindrome Cold IPA comes from the fact our process was a bit backwards to what it normally is when brewing. We brewed this one to recreate a feeling of a crisp, cold beer full of hop flavour, rather than brewing something to style. Cold IPAs have recently become popular in the States and it’s no wonder why once you taste it. Thirst quenching and dry with a super floral aroma and loads of hoppy flavour.

Available in both keg and can, make sure you get a taste of this one because it’s a belter.

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