Thundercloud Recipe


How would you describe a New England IPA? Juicy, hazy, intense and sweet are a few descriptive words I think of. We recently went over our Thundercloud NEIPA and thought its recipe could use a bit of an update. Our mantra at Firebrand is to brew bold, progressive beers that we love to drink, so tasting and improving products is something we try to do fairly consistently.  The feedback we’ve had from Thundercloud was that it was quite bitter for being a NEIPA, so the recipe was adjusted to drop the bitterness and add sweetness. 

Thundercloud is one of our favourites around the brewery, so tasting the new recipe was really exciting. Joe, our head brewer and owner, adjusted the recipe by tweaking the yeast strain, dropping the bitterness, but keeping the hop profiles the exact same. The results are epic, and the beer is tasting better than ever. It has kept the same Thundercloud taste but taken a bit of the edge off with a lovely sweetness and an added haze to the colour. 
A fresh batch is available now, so go grab a couple of cans and let us know what you think.

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