Firebrand News

  • Brewery Move and New Firebrand Shop

    Moving from the farm to the big city (Launceston), we are super excited about the future! The new brewery isn't up and running yet, but we've just opened up a little shop where you can pick up super fresh beers straight from the source.
  • Thundercloud Recipe

    We recently had a little staff tasting session and thought Thundercloud NEIPA could use a little adjustment. Check out the reasons why, and how we've changed it.
  • Firebrand Subscription Club

    Keeping your fridge fully stocked with your favourite Firebrand beers, our Beer Subscription Club sends 24 beers your way every month. Offering all of our individual beers and our Taste of Firebrand 24 Can Box, our service allows you to skip a month or cancel at any time with no fees added on.
  • Limited Batch Brew Collection

    Striving to brew the best beer possible, our Limited Batch Brew collection is designed to expand our range of brewing. Producing "one brew only" batches of beer, this collection pushes our boundaries and keeps things fresh and exciting.
  • A New Look Firebrand

    If you haven't noticed, we've undergone some big changes to the way our logo, website and all-around branding looks. Have a read through to find out a little bit more on why our branding looks the way it does and the meaning behind the logo.